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More information on the genetic background of coat colours can be found at Genetics of coat colour and other exterior properties.

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Gayle shows the classical markings of the Border Collie: two coloured patches around the ears and eyes, white blaze and neck, coloured body, white feet and a white end of the tail.

DJ is only a pup, but he clearly shows the classical markings.
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Swift has less white than the classically marked dogs seen above. His white blaze is visible, but it is very narrow and also the white in his neck is less than with the classical pattern. He is also mottled on his legs and nose.

The black on Taz' head (in herding position) is even larger than with Swift. The blaze is completely disappeared and the white in her neck is limited to a white spot. She has however a white chest, white feet and a white end of her tail.
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A dog can also have less white. Kellin has far more white than classically marked dogs. Unconnected spots are also present and the shoulders and the area around one eye is entirely white.

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