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Blue Merle

The merle colours were very common in the early days of the breed. They were so common that at a certain point in time breeders avoided them for being too common. This has gone too far resulting in merle being quite a rare pattern these days.

Breeding merles requires a bit of knowledge of genetics. When two merle dogs are mated about 25% of the pups will be homozygous for Merle (so called 'double merles'). These dogs are almost white and/or have very pale markings. Chances are that they are not even born. Pups that are actually born are often blind, deaf and/or sterile. Allowing such dogs to be born is not generally acceptable. Mating a merle to a non-merle already produces 50% merles, so breeding merles is not very difficult.

More information on the genetic background of coat colours can be found at Genetics of coat colour and other exterior properties.

Full size picture

Full size picture
Blue has a blue merle coat with tanpoint markings. His colour must be described as blue merle tri; something most stud books cannot handle (yet).

Tac has classical markings with a balanced merle pattern. Contrary to Blue (see above) who has blue eyes, Tac views the world with beautiful brown eyes; both eye colours are permitted in merles.
Full size picture

Full size picture
Gwen has a darker merle pattern. She also has brown eyes, with a blue spot in her left eye. The merle patterns also influence the eye colours.

"Spin it again Luke" (owner and photo: Yvette Zmaila) has a rather coarse merle pattern on his body, but a much finer pattern on his head. His white blaze will become a bit smaller in the future and his nose will be darker.
Full size picture

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