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Red/white - yellow/white

When the synthesis of eumelanin is completely surpressed and only the phaeomelanin pigments are present the dog has a red-brown or red-yellow colour. A large variation in shades can be found, so many names exist for this colour: Australian red, cream, blond, yellow, lemon. Considerin the genetic background and the comparable colour in other breeds yellow (extension yellow) is probably the best description.

More information on the genetic background of coat colours can be found at Genetics of coat colour and other exterior properties.

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We met Cork in the Western corner of Wales. He is a sturdy dog with a quite dark shade of this colour. Cork works in a herding training centre.

Chili (owner and photo: Sari Solanti (Pikkupaimenen Border Collies) shows a lither shade of yellow/red. Because of his quite long coat his colour looks a bit like a sable, but his hairs lack dark (eumelanin) tips.
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Fly has a very pale shade and was described as 'blond' or 'cream' by her breeder. Especially this red/yellow colour shows a lot of variation in darker and paler shades. Possibly the coat colour of Fly and Blaze is diluted by a modifier gene.

Blaze has almost the same colour as Fly has. At this moment her fuzzy puppy coat makes the colour look even paler. On the rightmost picture she is standing next to Fly, which demonstrates them having a similar colour.
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