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The tricolour - also called tanpoint - is not a coat colour, but a pattern. On the edges of the coloured patches (in specific places such as above the eyes, on the cheeks, on the shoulder, on the front and inner side of the elbow and the fore leg, on the front and the inner side of the knee and lower hind leg and below the tail) the base colour is replaced by a brown tan colour. Because this pattern is controlled at the same gene as sable and saddle pattern these cannot be combined. Tricolour can be found with all eumelanin colours.

More information on the genetic background of coat colours can be found at Genetics of coat colour and other exterior properties.

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Spike (owner J. Westendorp) is a powerful dog with typical tricolour markings. His head looks quite dark because he lacks a white blaze and is mottled on his nose. His tail is a bit high on this picture because he was challenged by another dog.

Gayle has typical tricolour markings which are a bit smaller than Spike's. A white blaze and different ears give her a different look. Gayle is a passionate agility dog.
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Miros has tanpoint markings with a chocolate brown coat. In the USA she would be called a "red/tri".

Violet (ownwer H. van Hassel, photo: F. Verhoef) is a blue/white tricolour; a special combination of a blue-grey coat with tan markings. The tan markings are not as outspoken as in other dogs, but quite visible above the eyes, on the cheeks and on her hind legs.
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Blue has a blue merle coat with tanpoint markings. His colour must be described as blue merle tri; something most stud books cannot handle (yet).

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