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Breeding goal

While health within the Border Collie is one of our main breed issues, we have been testing all our (breeding) dogs (besides ofcourse on Hip Dysplasia (HD) and annual normal eyetests (CEA, PRA, Cataract, Distiachis etc. inclusive glaucoma)) also for Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome (TNS) and Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) through DNA in Australia and USA. The puppies we breed will be tested on TNS and CEA through DNA in case one of the parents has been tested as being carrier. We try to check the bloodlines of the dogs for genetic problems and our puppy buyers will get a lifetime guarantee on any heriditary disease. All the healthresults of our dogs can be found on the individual pedigree pages.

Also based on those results, we hope with any planned combination to reach our goal we are aiming for when trying to breed the most perfect Border Collie (at least in our eyes): a healthy dog with great working ability and will to please (for any kind of dogsport/work) with a suberb temperament and character and as bonus nice to look at. We are not selling our puppies just only as being a pet or showdog, we expect the new owners to know that the Border Collie is a true working dog and therefor we want them to get a job or compete in a dogsport like agility, flyball, obedience, tracking or SAR.

Born litters

October 5, 2014



Our next and her second litter will be born out of our amazing ee red/brown crazy girl Ruby (pictures): Visions of you to Come Bye. This litter will be a long long planned one, with me being so crazy about ee reds from working lines who are so extreme hard to find. So no doubt in my mind that we are gong to use for this litter, our own Eager's son Nice of you to Come Bye Ready for Ever (Driven) (pictures) to make our dream come true!

Ruby has been imported by us from USA when she was a puppy and it was love at first sight. A crazy ball of gold with a marvelous character, loving and caring, has grown into a gorgeous lady who is still crazy and always ready to work and play. After living with a not so nice fosterhome we took her back but after a while when my dear friend Nanda Gerssen lost her pack leader and needed some confort for herself and the rest of her doggies, we decided Ruby could live with her for a while and this while still takes place up to now.... Ruby competes with Nanda in agility, both FCI and IFCS and is also there crazy like hell and veyr fast (sometimes too fast..). The puppies from her first litter are already showing some great stuff in frisbee, agility and other dogsports with the same outstanding and open/friendly character as their mum (and dad of course).

Driven is our special boy who just simply can do it all and always with more than 100%. Agility, frisbee, obedience and lots of tips and tricks, he is just amazing clever and so eager to learn and work. His co-owner owns her own school and he is the perfect example in every class and every discipline. He has a great turn off switch, which is definately necessary in his daily "work" but as soon as you turn him on: wow! He is not only gorgeous to look at, but he has also such a nice and sweet character, you cannot help yourself than just love him so much. All his litter sisters (he was the only boy), including our own Focus, are turning heads all over Europe where they are competing in agility, obedience and herding because of their great will to please, nice jumping skills and high speed!

From this combination we expect highly driven, very eager and focused puppies in the colours ee red, ee red merle, brown/white, black/white, blue merle and choc merle and maybe all with tan markings. This is going to be an unique litter, being 75% USA working lines and then in the ee red colour, so nothing like most ee red show line dogs you mostly see around. These puppies are more than suitable for all kind of dogsports, like agility, flyball, obedience, frisbee, doggydance etc and maybe even herding so will only go to homes who can give them plenty of sport/work to do!

On October 4/5, 2014 Ruby has given birth to 3 wonderful puppies: 2 ee red (merle??) males and 1 brown/white female!

For more information about the mating, pregnancy, birth and the first 8 weeks of our little ones, you can take a look here.

These puppies are of course also all spoken for by wonderfull new owners!!

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