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Litter August 6, 1998

Week 8

You see it coming, but when the moment is there it's still hard: saying good bye to the pups. Luckily they didn't leave all at the same day.


Gizmo was first and was picked up by his new owners at the 1st of October. The night before he went to the vet to get his third worm treatment and a last check up.
The next day the vet came by to see the rest of the litter, to give them their worm treatment and to check them for the last time. The same day Jill left. It was a bit quiet with two pups less.
The big day came at October 3rd: Lynn, Floyd and Twister left their home and it was really quiet in the house...

If it wasn't for the two noisy fellows that were still there: Blue and Gwen kept their mother company.

Mum and the gang
Spot and the gang

Scrap book

During the week before they left, we found ourselves another task. We wanted to make a scrap book for every pup with pictures starting from the day they were born, with information on pups, the milestones in their early lifes, etc. In short a kind of baby book for pups. To make those books proved to be quite a task, but in the end everything was glued in its place and the first part of the dog life was recorded.

Gwen asleep
Gwen sleeping on the couch at Danielle's side

Jill and Gwen
Jill is sound asleep, but Gwen feels like playing.

Prior to their departure we took a picture of each of the pups together with Spot. Those pictures formed the end of the picture books. One of these picture forms the end of this picture book too.

In the near future these puppy pages will seize to exist in their present form. A large part of the materials will however return in the shape of articles on the birth and development of pups, raising a pup, etc.

Spot en Blue
Spot with Blue

Update at the age of five months

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