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Litter January 1, 2000

Month 5

Time flies and pups grow very fast. Before they stop being 'puppies', we had to take a look at these loutish lads. Legs too long, head too large, a clumsy way of moving, it's all part of it.

What's happened?

This time the pups really travelled the world. Spike stayed very close and lives in De Bilt. Jazz moved a little further away and ended up living in Uden. Salt wanted to top that and managed to get to Roosendaal.
Holland was too small to Crash and Mitch, for they chose the German town of Solingen. This is not their permanent town, because at the end of the year they will return to the native country of their parents, the United Kingdom.
Andor thought that this was just childsplay. He stayed a few week longer, but emigrated with his new owners to Jarnages in France.

Spike standing up Spike's head
Spike is ready to go.
Full size picture (77KB JPG)
A bright fellow.
Full size picture (53KB JPG)
Jazz' head Jazz standing
That look, it makes your heart melt.
Full size picture (48KB JPG)
A real black beauty.
Full size picture (84KB JPG)

Work and hobbies

Real sports like agility, flyball and herding are out of the question for now; their young bones, joints and tendons would not be able to cope with the strain. Despite this the young lady and gentlemen do not get bored.

Spike has recently finished his puppy class and will take his next course in the summer. Once in a while he takes a look at the agility class on the field next to his, but he is also interested in sheep from a distance. Next year he may go and find out what he really likes to do.

Salt also enjoys himself in the puppy class. At home he has a friend to play with; a Border called... Pepper. The picture below is already a few weeks old, so he is a lot younger in the picture than the others.

Jazz also lives a pleasant life. He also enjoys going to the puppy class. Besides that he visits friends, shops and everything his owners will take him to.

Crash and Mitch miss there 'dad' regularly. He is most of the time in England for his work while they and their 'mum' have to stay in Germany until they may go back according to the English law. Their 'mum' is part of the Obedience scene, so they playfully get their first lessons in Obedience. The rest of the day they romp with the other two dogs in the house.

Andor has arranged a complete farm with seven hectare (about 17 acres) of land. They're not yet finished redecorating and repairing the house, so his 'help' comes in handy. Now and then Andor will slow down things a bit: he has a way of hiding things that were put away in their usual place. On the other hand he often find things that nobody knew they were there.

Crash sitting Crash' head
Crash sitting like a puppy.
Full size picture (89KB JPG)
Smile, your'e on camera!
Full size picture (66KB JPG)
Mitch' head Mitch standing
Mitch with that black spot on his nose.
Full size picture (43KB JPG)
Full of attention for his 'mum'.
Full size picture (76KB JPG)
Salt sitting
Salt at the photographer's.
Full size picture (34KB JPG)

And Andor's picture?

The postman just brought a couple of pictures all the way from France:

Head of Andor Andor standing in the garden
Andor is teething, so his ears go up and down.
Full size picture (66KB JPG)
Good fun, a big garden to play in.
Full size picture (64KB JPG)

Their ears

Because the 'pups' are teething at the moment the way there ears will become cannot be predicted yet. During teething they can change from day to day. Spike will probably get pricked ears and Mitch will probably hang. The others will be somewhere in between. Looking at Salt's picture his ears will most likely be pricked or tipped. At the reunion at the end of the summer we will see the final results.

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