PedigreeTunwill's Crush on Cliff

Pedigree Number NHSB 2867371
Pedigree Name Tunwill's Crush on Cliff
Gender Male
Coat Colour Brown/white
Date of birth 7 December 2011

Test Results

HD (Hip Dysplasia)A; NBW40
DNA CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly)Normal
DNA TNS (Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome)Normal


Tunwill's Crush on Cliff

HD: A; NBW40, DNA CEA: Normal, DNA TNS: Normal

Zhanisgo Crystal Edition

HD: 6-3, DNA CEA: Carrier, DNA TNS: Normal

Bellatrix Highlander

HD: 5-4, DNA CEA: Normal, DNA TNS: Normal

Falconmoor Shadow Dancer

HD: 3-4, DNA CEA: Carrier, DNA TNS: Normal

Arnpriors Spectre

HD: 4-4, DNA TNS: Carrier

Ghostland Ebony at Falconmoor

HD: 7:7, DNA CEA: Carrier

Armati's Feet of Flames

HD: A; NBW31, DNA CEA: Normal


HD: A; NBW31, Clinical Eye test: Free

Armati's European Elles

HD: A; NBW40, Clinical Eye test: Free

Touchango Midnight Arrow

HD: B, DNA CEA: Carrier


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