Breeding goal

While health within the Border Collie is one of our main breed issues, we have been testing all our (breeding) dogs (besides of course on Hip Dysplasia (HD) and anual normal eyetests (CEA, PRA, Cataract, Distiachis etc. including glaucoma)) also for all other occuring heriditary diseases which can be DNA tested (CEA, TNS, EAOD, CL, MDR1, IGS, DM, BGG, SN en DH) through MYDOGDNA.  We try to check very carefully the bloodlines of the dogs for any other genetic problems, most important epilepsy and our puppy buyers will get a lifetime guarantee on any heriditary disease. All the health tests of our dogs can be found on the individual pedigree pages.

Also based on those results, we hope with any planned combination to reach our goal we are aiming for when trying to breed the most perfect Border Collie (at least in our eyes): a healthy dog with great working ability and will to please (for any kind of dog sport or work) with a superb temperament and character and as bonus nice to look at. We are not selling our puppies just as a pet or show dog, we expect the new owners to know that the Border Collie is a true working dog and therefor we want them to get a job or compete in a dog sport like herding, agility, flyball, hoopers, obedience, tracking/SAR, frisbee, doggydance etc.

Our dogs are not bred before the age of 3 years old, thanks to firm advise of one of the top neurologistic specialist to minimize the risk of epilepsy within our breed. Because our dogs are mainly pets and sporting buddies, our girls will get normally 2-3 (mostly 2) litters in their lifetime with plenty of time in between to recover, work/sport again and give us the opportunity to follow-up their offspring based on health, working ability and character.


Born litters

Litter Ništa x Cosmo

On April 2nd the pups out of Ništa by Cosmo were born. All pups are already spoken for.

Litter Blast x Blekz

On April 5th the pups out of Blast by Blekz were born. All pups are already spoken for.