QuizzJK Living Legacy to Come Bye

Pedigree Number NO51201/23
Pedigree Name JK Living Legacy to Come Bye
Name Quizz
Gender Male
Coat Colour Blue merle
Date of birth 29 July 2023

Test Results




HD: B, ED: 0

Greis Working Caine

HD: A, ED: 0

JK's Amina Breeze

HD: B, ED: 0

Akersborg Pyro

HD: A, ED: 0

Kitacan's Kyesko

HD: B1, ED: 0-0, DNA CEA: Normal, DNA TNS: Normal, DNA CL: Normal, DNA IGS: Normal, DNA DM: Normal, DNA DH: Normal, DNA EAOD: Normal, DNA BCG: Normal, DNA SN: Normal, DNA MDR1: Normal

Nice of you to Come Bye Ready for Me

HD: A; NBW 33, Clinical Eye test: Free; Cataract doubt, Gonioscopy: Free, DNA CEA: Normal, DNA TNS: Carrier, DNA IGS: Normal, DNA EAOD: Carrier