EllesArmati's European Elles

Pedigree Number NHSB 2582835
Pedigree Name Armati's European Elles
Name Elles
Gender Female
Coat Colour Blue merle and tan
Date of birth 3 November 2005

Test Results

HD (Hip Dysplasia)A; NBW40
27 June 2008Clinical Eye testFree

Coat colour inheritance

at/at Has tan markings, will produce only carriers of tan markings
M/m Is merle, will produce 50% merles


Armati's European Elles

HD: A; NBW40, Clinical Eye test: Free

Touchango Midnight Arrow

HD: B, DNA CEA: Carrier

Brascote Den

HD: 6:5 (UK), DNA CEA: Carrier

Royale Juff

DNA CEA: Carrier

Touchango Morning Breeze

HD: 5:5 (UK), DNA TNS: Normal


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