CupidGawain's Duchess of Winter

Pedigree Number NHSB 2406816
Pedigree Name Gawain's Duchess of Winter
Name Cupid
Gender Female
Coat Colour Black/white

Test Results

HD (Hip Dysplasia)A
DNA CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly)Normal
DNA TNS (Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome)Normal
16 March 2007Clinical Eye testFree

Coat colour inheritance

D/d Carrier of dilute, will produce 50% carriers of dilute


Gawain's Duchess of Winter

HD: A, DNA CEA: Normal, DNA TNS: Normal, Clinical Eye test: Free

Clan-Abby Casanova Too

HD: AVA 1:2, DNA TNS: Carrier

DKCH LP1 LP2 Gawain's Wild Windy Lady

HD: A2/A2, DNA CEA: Normal, DNA TNS: Normal, DNA CL: Normal

Thunder-Too at Clan-Abby

HD: AVA 3:2, DNA CEA: Normal, DNA CL: Normal, DNA TNS: Carrier

Lochiel-Love at Clan-Abby

HD: AVA 4:4, DNA TNS: Carrier


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