MikaPythagoraan Wild Trick

Pedigree Number NHSB 2618365
Pedigree Name Pythagoraan Wild Trick
Name Mika
Gender Female
Coat Colour Black/white and tan
Date of birth 5 April 2006

Test Results

Clinical Eye test (25 June 2010) Free
DNA CEACarrier
DNA TNSCarrier

Coat colour inheritance

E/e Carrier of EE Red, will produce 50% EE Red carriers
at/- Is carrier of tan markings, will produce carriers
B/b Carrier of brown, will produce 50% carriers of brown


Pythagoraan Wild Trick

HD: A; NBW26, DNA CEA: Carrier, DNA TNS: Carrier, Clinical Eye test: Free

Laetare Bowler Jack

HD: A-A, DNA CEA: Normal, DNA TNS: Normal, ED: 0-0

Brooksbid Country Classic

HD: 5:4 (UK), DNA CEA: Normal, DNA TNS: Normal

FIN OB & SH CH Pythagoraan Kangaroo Dream

HD: A, ED: 0, DNA CEA: Carrier, DNA CL: Normal, DNA TNS: Carrier

INT&EST&FIN CH ESTW-97 Draisha Reece

HD: 6:4 (UK), DNA TNS: Carrier

Draisha Ritzy

HD: 3:3 (UK), DNA TNS: Carrier


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