ChuckyTunwill's Crazy Chucky

Pedigree Number NHSB 2867373
Pedigree Name Tunwill's Crazy Chucky
Name Chucky
Gender Male
Coat Colour Brown/white and tan
Date of birth 7 December 2011

Test Results

Clinical Eye test (11 July 2017) Free
Clinical Eye test (27 November 2019) Free
DNA CEACarrier
DNA CLNormal
DNA DMNormal
DNA MDR1Normal
DNA MHNormal
Gonioscopy (11 July 2017) Free
HD ( 3 September 2013) A; NBW35

Coat colour inheritance

at/at Has tan markings, will produce only carriers of tan markings
b/b Is brown, will produce only carriers of brown
m/m Is not merle, will not produce merles


Tunwill's Crazy Chucky

HD: A; NBW35, Clinical Eye test: Free, Gonioscopy: Free, Clinical Eye test: Free, DNA TNS: Normal, DNA CL: Normal, DNA IGS: Normal, DNA HUU: Normal, DNA DM: Normal, DNA CEA: Carrier, DNA MDR1: Normal, DNA MH: Normal

Zhanisgo Crystal Edition

HD: 6-3, DNA CEA: Carrier, DNA TNS: Normal

Bellatrix Highlander

HD: 5-4, DNA CEA: Normal, DNA TNS: Normal

Falconmoor Shadow Dancer

HD: 3-4, DNA CEA: Carrier, DNA TNS: Normal

Arnpriors Spectre

HD: 4-4, DNA TNS: Carrier

Ghostland Ebony at Falconmoor

HD: 7:7, DNA CEA: Carrier

Armati's Feet of Flames

HD: A; NBW31, DNA CEA: Normal


HD: A; NBW31, Clinical Eye test: Free

Armati's European Elles

HD: A; NBW40, Clinical Eye test: Free

Touchango Midnight Arrow

HD: B, DNA CEA: Carrier