PedigreeAmduki's Hakuna Matata Koda Kiara

Pedigree Number NHSB 2787536
Pedigree Name Amduki's Hakuna Matata Koda Kiara
Gender Female
Coat Colour Lilac/white
Date of birth 21 March 2010

Test Results



Carradyls Diamond Red

HD: A2, DNA TNS: Carrier

Arnpriors Spectre

HD: 4-4, DNA TNS: Carrier

Wizaland Newz Speculation at Mobella

HD: 8:4, DNA TNS: Carrier

Gemthorne Ruby

HD: 4-2, DNA CEA: Normal

Touchango Midnight Arrow

HD: B, DNA CEA: Carrier

Brascote Den

HD: 6:5 (UK), DNA CEA: Carrier

Touchango Morning Breeze

HD: 5:5 (UK), DNA TNS: Normal


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